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Our company has received the Ecological Agriculture Certificate no. PL-EKO-06-001916/20/01
awarded by the Polish Center for Research and Certification S.A.

The Polish Center for Research and Certification S.A. act on the basis of the authorization
of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development included in the decision of  8.01.2009 (identification number PL-EKO-06)
on the basis of which we conduct inspection and issue certificates of conformity in organic farming in the scope of:

Agricultural production and collection of wild plants or parts thereof;
Processing of organic farming products;
Marketing of organic farming products.

On the basis of positively conducted certification process our customers receive certificate of organic farm or  processing plant.
Product of organic farming may be provided with the mark „EU organic logo”.
European logo of organic food makes consumers confident about the origin and quality of purchased food and drinks.
Moreover customers may also use the PCBC S.A. quality mark  „BIO” confirming meeting requirements for organic farming.

Food and agricultural products are produced using natural methods, in a clean and safe environment,
without artificial fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, growth hormones,
antibiotics and genetically modified organisms.


Legal requirements concerning organic farming have been encompassed in the following documents:

Law on organic farming of 25 June 2009 (Journal of Laws 116/2009 item 975);
Regulation (EC) no. 834/2007 dated  28 June 2007 on organic production and marking of organic products and revoking the Regulation (EEC) no. 2092/91 with amendments;
Commission Regulation (EC) no. 889/2008 of 5 September 2008 establishing detailed principles of implementing
of Regulation of the Council (EC) no. 834/2007 on organic production and marking of organic products
with reference to organic production, marking and inspection with amendments.

Read more on: https://www.pcbc.gov.pl/en/